Customer Appreciation

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, your company doesn’t exist. Whilst consistently delivering a high quality of product/service is the most important part of keeping them happy, customer entertainment and appreciation is also a fantastic way to build and nurture your relationship.
Imagine this…

You’ve just signed a big contract with a client. They’ve committed to working with you for the next year on a project. It means thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Event VenueImagine how your client will feel when rather than running off to the nearest bank with their check, you instead invite them out for a celebratory meal and drink at 46 Minna. What a wonderful way to thank them for their business, and start discussions about your project.

It gives you the chance to solidify your new relationship, enables you to break the ice on a slightly more personal level, and shows you’re not afraid of reinvesting some of your profit into building meaningful partnerships.

Why not bring them along to enjoy dinner and a live band in our unique and exciting facilities, or take them for a relaxing drink in our loft-based Mezzanine with VIP access to make them feel really special.

At Christmas time, bring them along to your company Holiday party, and ensure they’re happy to work with you again over the coming year! This could be a great time to pitch for a new contract!

Our bar and security staff will make your guests feel right at home, whilst providing them with friendly and attentive service. Located near downtown convention centers, freeways and public transportation, we offer both convenience and great memories for your guests.

If you’d like to find out about our exclusive Customer Appreciation Packages, please contact our Director of Corporate and Private Events, Trena Hamidi, at .

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